Fieldworks Residency - Hayley Newman

Hayley Newman BIO I am interested in performance and performativity, documentary practices, humour, subjectivity and fiction. Over the past few years, I have worked both individually and collectively and have learnt as much about how collectives function as I have about how I function as an individual. My commitment to working creatively around the current economic, social and ecological crises forged The Gluts (Hayley Newman, Gina Birch and Kaffe Matthews) and our eco-electro musical Café Carbon, which we took to the Copenhagen Climate Summit in 2009. For Café Carbon we wrote eighteen songs about food and climate: cheap chicken, food transportation, over-consumption, water, allotments, mechanization and the beginning of modernity were all on the menu. In 2009 writer Andrea Mason and I inaugurated the self-help group Capitalists Anonymous (CA), a forum for people to come and confess their capitalist tendencies. Originally set up for bankers in the wake of the economic crash, CA was seen as a therapeutic intervention that took place on the steps of the Royal Exchange in the City of London. Continuing this work I am about to publish the novella Common which is based on my experiences as 'Self-appointed Artist in Residence' in The City of London. The book chronicles one day in the summer for 2011; performances occur and reoccur as the book takes us to crashes in global markets, turbulence in the Euro-zone, and riots on hot summer nights. I am a tutor on the doctorial programme at the Slade School of Fine Art. Hayley Newman PROPOSAL Apart from enjoying the general soothing ambience of living in a boat on the river in the summer, my time on Eleanore will be spent reading, thinking, sketching and imagining two new connected works; a novel about economics and ecology and an artwork work for an exhibition titled ‘Field’. I have a hunch that I would like to understand more about soil, though given the context it may be just as possible that I look at water. Both are important components of any ecosystem. I hope that living on water will stir dreams of nature and help me nurture the fragile creative beginnings of these two new works.