DO, 24.08.2017


Byndelle Hybrida

Byndelle Hybrida focuses on the search of a hybrid created out of the combination of metals and mycelium. The project is inspired by the papers of Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda and Donna Haraway, both involving concepts of nature, technique and cyborgs. These concepts are explored deeply within the idea of woman being nature and men technique and moving forward into a new sexless era where we have all evolved to be hybrids. We are technological subjects, we are natural in our own shape, we are politic entities, we are cyborgs.

Mycelium is used as a reference to our own nature, as humans we share more characteristics with the fungi kingdom than with any other. Through the use of the process of mycoremediation (in this case the digestion of heavy metals by mycelium), explorations about nature consuming and then merging with technique are done, in order to create hybrids.

The outcome of Byndelle Hybrida is an exploration of geometrical shapes representing men and women, with a subtle and organic aesthetic, given by mycelium, that reminds us what was once the idea of women; within the structures of a political and manly world that shows us how we started but takes us to where we are, in a now hybrid continuum.

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